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Why I Support Trump (Response To A Leftist Friend)

Let’s agree that class, sex/gender, race/culture/ethnicity make the world unfair. 
Let’s also agree that the privileged classes routinely exploit the weaker ones. What is the best way to stop this from happening? 
It is tempting to follow the people who cater to victimization thinking. 
But the problem always is that they don’t respect you – you’re just fodder for their own ambition – because their version of a “solution” is another class system that THEY control. 
In this system, all information must be controlled and filtered to reflect their narrative. Because the truth – that people easily become oppressors and that no two snowflakes are alike – is dangerous to them.
I study dysfunctional organizations and bottom line, every organization is dysfunctional. What makes them change is expoure to the light.
I think we have arrived at a time in history when ideology is not useful anymore, if it ever was. We can only look at problems one at a time, using common sense, without any bias. That is a very hard thing to do.
The common thread in our thinking has got to be the truth. Someone said to me, “How can you criticize your own people? It feeds into stereotypes.” And my answer is I don’t care. I have to not care. If we lose our moorings in the truth all is lost.
We could talk about how this plays out in the Torah. The Torah tells it like it is. Our forefathers and foremothers get called out on their sins. We don’t hide them. But we believe they are giants anyway.
In this election we are facing an unbelievable challenge. On the one hand you have the party that claims to be for the people. But they are spinning around in their knickers, fighting for power, and frankly unable to articulate any message on defense or management that sounds coherent to people. 
Additionally the Democrats in their rhetoric of respect have veered toward extremism. They sow hatred and division all the time. This is not the moderate party of the 1990s.
The Republicans meanwhile are stunningly ineffective at engaging their constituents due to a regressive social agenda and a framework for thinking that lacks any meaning whatsoever.
So I am a Libertarian. I believe in freedom. Reduce government waste, fraud and abuse. Stay out of people’s private lives. Do only what is necessary to keep order and safety and then stop.
Don’t discriminate, period.
Trump is obviously flawed. We all know that. But he gets that something is seriously wrong in terms of the WAY this country is being run. The METHODS of governing are not responsive to what the PEOPLE want. The agenda is NOT clear when it should ALWAYS be clear that we take care of our own. I agree with that wholeheartedly. 
There is a lot to do to reform this country and strip the veneer of respectability from criminal elites. But first we have to commit to: truth, impartiality, competence, and an agenda that puts our safety and wellbeing first.
All opinions my own.

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