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The Mouth of the Serpent

Genesis 7:1-5 introduces us to Satanism.

God has told Adam and Eve not to eat from a certain tree, and the serpent approaches her to dispute Him.

“Did God really say that?” says the serpent.
“He said not to eat from it or to touch it, or we’ll die,” says Eve.
“He’s just afraid,” answers the serpent. “He doesn’t want you to know as much as him. You won’t die.”
It is after this, of course, that Eve eats from the tree and gets Adam to do the same.
And the two of them are expelled from the Garden of Eden, after which humanity suffers mortality together with so much pain.
All of this could have been avoided if Eve hadn’t listened to the tempting words of the snake. He promised her more power than God…and look at how women ended up. 
The word “Satanism” sounds completely crazy, like something out of a church sermon or that old Saturday night skit, but the voice of that serpent is still so tempting.
We human beings are the dust of the earth, we are nothing. But the devil infiltrates our minds, and fills the psyche with egotistical wishes and dreams. 
As in that typical movie-villain threat: “I’ve got more money (power) than God, and I will crush you.”
This episode comes to mind as I think of President Obama’s “parting shot” at Israel, after nearly a decade of pretending (not very well) to be a friend of the Jewish people, and of justice.

After saying “we’ve got your back” to Israel, Obama backstabbed them instead. He allowed the UN to condemn all Israeli settlement activity in its own land – not only the West Bank but also the Jewish part of Jerusalem. Because of this vote the sovereignty of the Western Wall has also now been called into question.

This is a man who has an unbelievable gift of speech, who had an incredible power to unite the entire world. Not just because of his office, but because of his unique background and his ability to relate to almost any person he met.
But he chose instead to go down the path of Satan, biting into that apple of temptation. I can imagine the Devil whispering in his ear: “Don’t be afraid of God, Mr. President. God is really afraid of you.”
Maybe today the President woke up feeling like a champion. 
But I have a feeling the thrill will not last very long. 
God will one day soon come upon the President, saying “Where are your clothes, Barack? For you are naked.”
“Who, me? I didn’t do anything,” Obama will say. “It was the Devil, he tempted me. I – I – I…”
All opinions my own.

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