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The Orlando Massacre, 613, Warning

Well I just lost an entire post about this, which is probably not an accident. I will share the following but keep it brief.

– saw an incredible number of 613s in a single hour just before the Orlando massacre 
– previously felt such sightings were a warning 
– news headline on 6.13.16 on USA Today said “MASSACRE”
– Shavuot connections –
— We count 49 days of Omer in the days leading up to Shavuot; 49 people murdered
— Killer first name was Omar (Omer, Omar) – Hebrew word is “to speak” – G-d spoke the Torah and he spoke words of death 
— Killer last name was Mateen – Shavuot is holiday of Matan Torah – the word means “giving” – again he perverted giving into taking lives
What does this mean to me?
– The 613 sightings, which predated the attack and have continued (including this morning), are a warning 
– It conveys different kinds of warnings, with varying meanings, at different times, but the unity is 613 – basically faith that HaShem keeps His word and will save us, but only if we keep faithful to the Torah 
– The Torah here is understood broadly as basic principles for Jews  and includes the 7 Noahide laws for all humankind. It’s not about fundamentalism or fanaticism but an attitude of faith and submission to the Creator, and serving only Him. Doing the best you can.
– We read the Book of Ruth on Shavuot. Ruth was not Jewish but adopted Judaism as her own. We don’t proselytize other nations but we do recognize the greatness of people who serve G-d truly.
– The threat from ISIS is deadly real and represents a total contravention of G-d. The embodiment of evil. We cannot use a strategy of offering love to terrorists.
– More trouble is coming. We need to prepare ourselves spiritually by uniting with one another and refusing to fall into the trap of evil, which is hate. We must avoid all leaders who preach hate. They are the devil.
– My own personal opinion is that the attack occurring at a gay club is G-d’s way of telling us once and for all to stop the violence, discrimination and hatred against gay people. The love of one human being for another is not the abomination described in Leviticus. (I do believe promiscuity is an abomination however no matter who practices it with who.)
– It is time to look beyond the narrow confines of our material loves and what we can see with our senses. The world is spiritual in nature and physical things, including our bodies, are a temporary illusion.
May G-d have mercy on me that I should speak the right words at the right time in the right way for the right benefit.
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. Public domain. All opinions my own. Photo by andrefeo via Pixabay (Creative Commons CC0).

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