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11 Recommendations from "The Middle Path of Moderation In Islam"

1. “Peace is an absolute priority” and a prerequisite for normality for all of us.”
2. “Militarism, extremism, and violence…signify the failure of wasatiyyah (moderation).”
3. “Waging a campaign against criminality and aggression may call for strong measures to protect society against lawlessness.”
4. “Good governance is a potent instrument and facilitator of moderation and balance in public affairs.”
5. “In the sphere of government, national constitutions are the principal tools of establishing a system of checks and balances in the exercise of power.”
6. “A constitution that is cognizant of the essentials of Islam, and enacted through consultative methods and promulgated by the lawfully designated leader in a Muslim majority country, may well qualify as the command of the ulu’l-amr that inspires obedience.”
7. “Education and the media play crucial roles in the realization of a state of socio-political equilibrium.”
8. “Misinformation on Islam and Islamophobia can only be addressed by parallel efforts to call attention to the often neglected peace-like, humanitarian and compassionate teachings of Islam.”
9. “There is a need also to develop the discourse of wasatiyyah among Muslims themselves.”
10. “Pluralism is a powerful moderator that ensures accommodation of differential interests from within. The essence of a positive approach to pluralism is in the openness of its various component parties.”
11. “Islamic scripture accepts the validity in principle of monotheist religions and Muslims have through history lived amicably, engaged, and interacted with other faith communities in their midst.”
– Professor Mohammad Hashim Kamali, 11 conclusions & recommendations from his book, “The Middle Path of Moderation Islam” (pp. 236-237)

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