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Brand Management: It’s A Marathon, Not A Race

I’ve been on a healthy lifestyle plan for five weeks now. Basically a New Year’s resolution.
Got on the scale yesterday after a two-week break.
Nothing had changed.
I tried to tell myself that it must be the blazer I was wearing. Also the shoes and the fact that it was nighttime. You know you lose 5 pounds between nighttime and morning, right?
But soon enough my resoluteness faltered and I was tempted to go home and fix myself a gigantic bowl of noodles. And cheese.
Fortunately then my rational mind took over and reminded me:

“It’s a marathon, not a race.”

I realized that having green tea and spinach and avocados was a long-term investment in my health, and it’s not so much about weight loss.
Whereas eating a lot of noodles with accompanying muenster, cheddar and pepper jack cheeses would definitely result in getting seriously overweight.
I realized that the key metric for wellness is not weight but whole-self wellness. And that the right habits are going to get you there: healthy eating, drink green tea and water, meditate, sleep, and walk a little.
The same thing goes for your brand. It’s not about rising to the top meteorically. It is about doing the right things every minute of every second of every day: most importantly, establishing a great organizational culture.
Sure you can rely short-term metrics as an indicator of how your brand is doing. But they’re no good.
Just like you can go on a crash diet anytime and lose five pounds – maybe even 50.
But underneath the weight loss is a crack in your body’s health system. You’ve strained it.
In business and in life, slow and steady and logical wins the race. Hire good people and treat them well; do the same with your body.
The kind of success you build won’t be easy to dislodge.
You really don’t want to be bragging today, and falling down off that wall tomorrow.
Copyright 2015 by Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D. Dr. Blumenthal is founder and president of BrandSuccess, a corporate content provider, and co-founder of the brand thought leadership portal All Things Brand. The opinions expressed are her own and not those of any government agency or entity or the federal government as a whole.

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